One of the biggest Spanish entrepreneurship events was held in the Aragon region

One of the biggest Spanish entrepreneurship events was held in the Aragon region

Last 9 November was held in the region of Aragon, the major event of the largest Spanish-speaking social entrepreneurship which aims to offer you all the current resources and means, so that you can undertake and if you are already present, so that you can update and improve the profitability and development of your project or company, the main issues and market trends.

The aim of this event is to analyse, among many other strategies, the new professions that are emerging. It was also analysed what strategies women are using to enter social entrepreneurship and how to conduct business projects in these difficult times.

GEINNOVA took the opportunity to organise the dissemination event of the WISED project, funded by the European Community in the KA204 call for proposals on strategic partnerships for adults. The target group of participants include various educational responsible (trainers, teachers, administrators of secondary education, higher education representatives), local/regional authorities representatives, various training organisations and NGOs involved in implementing educational and cultural projects and programs, key experts, policy makers, commissioners, academics, students, etc.

The themes touched upon in the event concern:

  • Senior Management
  • Increasing awareness about Social Enterprise transversal Skills
  • Enhacing understanding about the key concepts, Research results and blended learning approach in female entrepreneurship
  • Encourage action in terms of change of practice and transfer of best practices through the implementation of an entrepreneur toolkit