Who we are

Gestión Estratégica e Innovación specialises in providing companies, organizations and public administrations at local and regional level with expert advice and training.

We focus on the development of projects, based on innovation and cooperation, which deliver concrete solutions and added value to our clients.

Thanks to our experience we can assert that participation in European projects ensures smart, sustainable and integrated growth for our territories and our organizations.

We want every individual to have the right to evolve permanently and achieve concrete results in the improvement of their personal, social and professional life. Therefore, we train people to provide them with the personal and professional development tools that will enable them to use their own resources and to succeed in changing their habits, which will lead them to obtain such concrete results.

Our aim is to encourage people to work for themselves while avoiding the most common errors of entrepreneurs through the knowledge, practical tips, attitude, inspiration, resources and skills needed to take new business projects to the desired level.

We know that the optimization of workplaces, processes and procedures, combined with a deep knowledge of the characteristics of Local Corporations, provides an instrument to rationalise and streamline the human resources and systems used in local public services.

Our experience, proximity and commitment to clients enable them to address both national and international initiatives that will improve their competitiveness and efficiency.

Why GEI?


Nuestra oferta recoge tres conceptos clave:


  • Busca la innovación en la prestación de servicios
  • Identifica y apoya ideas y proyectos innovadores de sus clientes y
  • Acompaña los procesos de gestión de la innovación de las organizaciones.



  • Como valor y estrategia clave para avanzar en procesos de mejora de la competitividad o modernización.


  • Vocación europea e internacional.
  • Identificación de oportunidades de clientes.
  • Apoyo búsqueda de socios internacionales.
  • Participa en iniciativas y proyectos de cooperación internacional.