3rd Meeting of the DEEP IN WBL project at Fürstenwalde

3rd Meeting of the DEEP IN WBL project at Fürstenwalde

On 25th and 26th of June took place the third meeting within the DEEP IN WBL (Work-Based Learning) project between the Spanish, Greek, Austrian, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish and German partners coordinated by Camera de Zaragoza. The project started since October 2018, with the first two meetings respectively in Valencia and Vienna. During these occasions the partners coordinate their work and activities in order to implement and achieve the objectives of the project, mainly: the quality of VET, the role of women in WBL practises and the importance of high quality work experiences.

At Fürstenwalde, the meeting verted on the following points:

-strenghtening of the consortium between the partners;

-exhanging of information, good practises and experiences;

– validating project’s results (D2.1 and D2.2);

– defining next steps.

After a general overview furnished by Camera of Zaragoza, the meeting consisted of an implementation phase, where the previous results achieved where commented and further deepened and a management-monitoring-communication phase in order to proceed jointly towards the same outcomes within a shared and coherent action plan.

For each part there has been a joint discussion and debate between the partners followed by an assessment of the results achieved until now.